Charlie Bears Cotton Candy


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Size: 19″ (48CM)
Some of the 2020 Collection has been inspired by a nostalgic fairground theme and so it wouldn’t be complete without COTTON CANDY or candy floss, which is greatly loved as a sticky sweet treat!
The attention to detail on COTTON CANDY is amazing, making a really collectible bear.

The long pile plush coat is mainly magenta, but this has lots of black and cream tipping, which creates a great contrast. Long guard hairs have been left, to form big whisps around the ears and feet, which is really effective.

The magenta muzzle has been shaved to show off her cream hand-stitched nose and mouth and cream freckles have been created using french knot detailing.

The eyes have white underneath, to give an appealing look….. so how can you resist? A lot of work has gone into the design of the paws as they are sculpted, with additional magenta airbrushing for emphasis.
The toes have been created from a different pink fabric and the claws are stitched.

A key and embellished heart pendant finish off the look of this amazing bear, who really has it all!!

Look out for the other 2 bears in this trio Soda pop and cheese whizz

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